Sunday, October 21, 2007

Targeted Visitors

Targeted visitors are people that have either found your site through a search they conducted, have clicked on a link from another web site, or have clicked on a link in an ad you placed or article you wrote. Targeted visitors come to your site with the right frame of mind. Targeted visitors are the most likely to convert to valuable sales and lead generations. Targeted visitors are those who know something about your website before coming to it and so are already interested and more likely to buy what you are selling. Most of these techniques are very simple to implement and if you're serious about building an online business, lets face it, the first thing you're going to need is targeted visitors to your site. While the visitors you receive from the majority of internet marketing companies will increase your web hits, you're not going to experience many sales from untargeted visitors (people who are not looking for the products and / or services you offer). But having targeted visitors, converting into customers is completely a different matter. If your website has been properly optimized and ranks high, it will literally pull in those targeted visitors and will convert them into targeted customers. Now since you want only targeted visitors that are only interested in the products or services that YOUR company offers, you don't want to spend some of your precious resources or energy in getting just anyone to visit your site. To get targeted visitors your website MUST be set up properly.

Here are five ways to increase the effectiveness of your Website.

An effective Website can help you achieve a number of business goals, such as generating leads, building a marketing database, enhancing customer service and selling online. But to do so, you must make sure you align your Website objectives with your overall marketing and business objectives to ensure you are on the path to success.

If your Website does not serve your prospects and customers, then it is not serving you either. Make your Website customer-focused by offering content and interactive features that speak to the needs of your customers and provide a solution to their problems.

If your customers and prospects do not find your Website relevant, trustworthy, and satisfying, they will leave.

To turn your Website into a lead generation machine, pepper your Website with a variety of relevant offers tailored to the needs of your target audience, such as: Request a quote or purchase online Call me now or online chat to reach out to salespeople

Order free samples Register for seminars, webinars or events Request access to premium content whitepapers, knowledgebase, articles, etc. To turn your Website into a search engine magnet,
- First, fill your Website with rich content focusing on the keyword phrases your customers use most often.
-Second, code your Website so it is crawlable by Google and other engines, including keywords in the page tags.
-Third, build a network of quality inbound links to your Website from reputable and industry relevant external Websites.

Targeted campaigns are 100% totally unique visitors. Targeted Website Traffic is the life blood of any Online Business. Targeted guaranteed traffic can provide you with an instant audience specifically interested in what you are offering. Traffic which is not targeted is made up of people who at best are indifferent to you, and at worst are trying to get somewhere else & are annoyed to see your site pop-up on their screen. I spent a long time buying ebooks, memberships, watching videos, and listening to audios in search of some magical method to bring tons of targeted visitors to my website. Targeted visitors are the best you can ask for.

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