Monday, October 8, 2007

How to earn extra income

By: Poh Seng Quek

How you can earn extra money working online when You have
• a full time job but want part time income,
• only an email account,
• no real product or service to sell,
• no starting capital, and
• no website.

Affiliate marketing could be your way to getting that extra income.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allow one to earn revenue from referral leads and sales to a merchant
Via a merchant links on a website, in one’s ezine, newsletter or via merchant links in opt-in mailing lists. Even one’s email can be used to include merchant referral links.

How You can get started in affiliate marketing

As long as You has access to the internet and can read and send email, you can get started. Having basic webpage design skills, an existing website. Or an e-zine, newsletter, opt-in mailing list would certain be an asset.

Which program should one join.

First you should beware of internet scams that tried to cheat you of your money. Also while you can find many affiliate program on web for signing up, it is important that you select an affiliate program that promote a service or product that you have passion for, then you will more likely to persist in your effort until you succeed.

You should join a well-known and well established program where you will receive proven information to help make real money from your affiliate program. If you are looking for a well=known program to market, you may like to look at the “Affiliate of the month” program. It pays you 70% commission for each sale.

Presently Ewen Chia ‘s hottest affiliate program, “Affiliate of the Month” is a top-notch and highly profitable Affiliate program. It rewards you every month with commissions, bonuses and worldwide publicity and provide the teaching and material you need to know about affiliate marketing. Over $50000 in commission have been paid out. You can use the system to market any affiliate program. to access “the affiliate of the month” website

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