Monday, October 29, 2007

Secrets To Choosing An Affiliate Program That Sells Like Crazy!

The success or failure of your affiliate business depends mostly on one thing: the affiliate programs you promote. You need to be picky with the affiliate programs you promote, as they will form the foundations of your affiliate business. If you promote a good affiliate product and it converts at 2% (2 sales for every 100 visitors), you are doing pretty good. If you promoted an affiliate product that only converts at 1%, your profits will decrease by half (imagine that!). Here are the secrets to choosing an affiliate product that will have customers whipping out their credit cards in a frenzy:

Secret #1: Don't promote a product that doesn't offer at least 50% commission rate

If you promote a product that say, has only a 25% commission rate, then you will be short changing your own profits. Unless the product is really stellar or it achieves stunning conversion rates like 5% or more, don't promote a product that has less than 50% commission rate. In fact, look out for programs that offer a 75% commission rate.

Secret #2: The salesletter - would you buy the product?

Read the salesletter. Look at the graphics. If you were a customer in that niche, would you buy the product? Imagine yourself in your customer's shoes. You have to see if the salesletter is credible, and has good sales elements such as a powerful headline, powerful body copy and a strong call to action. A salesletter that a poor conversion rate means lesser profits for you.

Secret #3: The product - is it cutting-edge?

The product should be good, if not cutting-edge (if it's a product with a system, then all the better!) The product must deliver what it promises, and even overdeliver, if you don't want too many refunds which will hurt your bottomline. If you can't acquire the product, you can always read reviews of it on the Internet (a search on Google will suffice). Always promote a quality product, don't settle for less!

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