Monday, October 8, 2007

Building 6-Figures Online

By: Allen Thomason
Everyone seems to be looking for the "secret" to success or the "wealth formula" and most want it in the "fast lane" from online these days. The statistics show that 95% of businesses fail online due to either you don't have a business that offers real value, or your level of understanding and experience of online marketing and advertising. The fact is, building an online business and earning six figures a year from home can be accomplished. But, I said "can" be done, just don't expect it overnight for the most part. If you are able learn and master properly how to market and advertise online and have a quality product, you will find that online success is "very" possible.

There are so many different marketing techniques used today in online marketing, it's easy to become confused and completely loose your focus. Currently there are two techniques that are proven to work and are actually cutting edge: article marketing and video (YouTube) that every new or well versed internet marketer should be doing.

In article marketing, the internet marketer writes informative articles discussing or reviewing a particular product or service. Then, by submitting it to article directories provides content for hungry web masters and gives relative content to many. In return, when a web master posts an article on their website, it provides a link back to your service or product. Placing an effective article can lead to a large volume of "targeted" web traffic and visitors to your site, thus a potential a substantial incursion of sales.

At this point you may think "I'm not a writer" or "how do I know what to write about?" Great question, most people aren't either. However, there are already a vast supply of pre-written articles on your subject matter. A simple search at will bring up articles related to your keyword search. Educate your self through reading articles pertaining to your "keyword" or "niche", and rewrite what you have learned.

In addition to article marketing, video marketing is a new and upcoming technique. Google recently bought out "youtube", a place where individuals can go and record videos of themselves promoting their business. Recording a simple video introducing who you are and the service or products you have available builds credibility and marks you as an authority in your niche market. Secondly, the Google search engine loves youtube. Posting a video on youtube in the proper categories using the proper keywords in your heading can earn you top positions in the Google search engine.

Both of these techniques are proven to work successfully, and have been used by many internet marketers. As with any other marketing technique, the more you use each technique acknowledged above, you will drive more traffic to your business and ultimately put you in a profit building mode

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