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Should I File Bankruptcy or Defend My Foreclosure?

In this volatile real estate market and recession economy, many homeowners are faced with the difficult decision of choosing between filing a bankruptcy and defending a foreclosure. Unfortunately, the dominant thought among most attorneys is that bankruptcy is the proper remedy to address foreclosure. Our law firm handles both foreclosure defense and bankruptcy, so we have the benefit of seeing both sides of the coin.

For many individuals with extensive consumer debt or medical debt, as well as debt relating to real estate, bankruptcy is an option. (however, one should never forget the power of negotiating debts).

For those individuals who are mainly dealing with debt relating to their real estate holdings, it is often a poor decision to file a bankruptcy prior to defending a foreclosure.

For those individuals trying to save their homes or real property, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will do little to save a home, except briefly delay a foreclosure case. In fact, Chapter 7 is designed to liquidate debt. For those individuals considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy, they will be met with an often difficult and lengthy repayment plan. Bankruptcy judges are not endowed with the authority to modify mortgages; therefore, Chapter 13 is often not helpful to homeowners.

A clearer way to protect a home is to pursue one of the many foreclosure alternatives including loan modification, reinstatement, or refinancing. Often these alternatives take time and may take skilled legal advice. While in the process of pursuing foreclosure alternatives, property owners may be sued for foreclosure. A skilled foreclosure attorney can help defend the foreclosure and advise borrowers regarding foreclosure alternatives.

Many people are not interested in saving their homes. Perhaps they have no equity or are upside down, where they owe far more than the property is worth. Perhaps they do not have the financial means to qualify for a loan modification, reinstatement, or refinancing. Or perhaps they are simply tired of the system- they are fed up with dealing with banks. Many people fear a deficiency judgment more than anything else. A deficiency judgment may arise where a borrower’s property sells at a foreclosure auction for less than the amount that is owed on the loan. In such a scenario, the borrower could be held responsible for the difference owed or the “deficiency” amount.

While the potential for a deficiency judgment is a valid fear for homeowners, there are tools and options that will avoid a deficiency without filing bankruptcy. First, the homeowner may enter into a short sale, where the bank approves the sale of a home for less than the amount owed. In a short sale, the bank forgives the difference owed and the borrower is relieved of any liability.

Another solution to avoid a deficiency judgment is a “deed in lieu of foreclosure.” In a deed in lieu scenario, the borrower turns the deed over to the lender in lieu of foreclosure; this means that the lender promises they will not file a foreclosure or seek a deficiency judgment against the borrower. A deed in lieu avoids a deficiency judgment, without the need to file bankruptcy.

Finally, for those individuals already facing a foreclosure lawsuit, a skilled lawyer should be able to defend foreclosure cases and negotiate a favorable “consent judgment.” In such a consent judgment, the borrower consents to the entry of a foreclosure judgment in exchange for the banks promise and guaranty to waive any deficiency against the borrower. Many of our clients want us to time the entry of such a consent judgment so that they are able to get the maximum time in their home. This arrangement affords our clients the maximum use of their property and also allows our clients the opportunity to pursue other options as they see fit, including loan modification or reinstatement. There is a great deal of value for those borrowers that choose to pursue a consent judgment- the borrower essentially walks away from the property without owing money to the lender, and without having to file a bankruptcy.

While not every homeowner may be able to pursue a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu or consent judgment, these are excellent options to avoid debt and avoid filing a bankruptcy. Moreover, while borrowers pursue these options they are able to continue living at the property, or renting the property to tenants. This usually means that money is saved or money is earned. Finally, if these foreclosure options do not work out in the long run, bankruptcy is always a failsafe option- it can always be filed if everything else fails.

Protect Your Assets

2 Financial Planning Strategies to help protect your assets

Would you like more control of your finances? The first thing you'd need to do is to actually create a plan. And then, you need to keep your goals and purposes in mind as you invest. But that's just the beginning. Read on for two more of the six key elements you need to deal with before you can be assured you've covered the basics.

These two keys are absolutely essential, yet many people are reluctant to deal with them because doing so makes them uncomfortable. No one likes to think about dying, and no one likes to think about getting sued.

Yet the first one is unavoidable – we all will die, sooner or later. And when that happens, hopefully very far into the future, you'll want to make sure your assets will go to the people or causes of your choice, not the court's choice. And the second issue, getting sued or losing assets due to situations beyond your control, is actually more likely to happen than you might think.

1. Get Your Estate in Order

Do you have a will? You really need to have one. You'll also need to set up durable powers of attorney and health care directives. I realize that this might be an uncomfortable topic, but do it anyway.

If you don't, the courts will determine what to do with your assets. Do you really want them to decide who should get your stuff? I didn't think so.
And if you have significant assets, you will want to look at revocable living trusts and other entities as well to ensure that your heirs will actually be able to benefit from the fruits of your hard work.

2. Protect Your Assets

Asset protection is another topic we'd rather not think about. But the fact is, that there are many risks that could endanger your wealth: premature death or disability, taxes, inflation, adverse economic conditions, lawsuits and more.

Unless you want to risk losing it all, you must take the necessary precautions to protect any assets you have accumulated. You can do that by using the appropriate asset protection tools such state and federal statutes, legal structures, and insurance.

This can be as simple or as complicated as you choose, depending on the level of protection you desire. The more assets you have, the more important it is to protect them from as many risks as possible.

Since getting sued is a big risk in this current society, here's a very cool additional benefit of proper asset protection: It may be much more difficult or even impossible for the other party to collect a judgment if a lawsuit doesn't go your way. And that prevents you from looking like a desirable target. Most attorneys work on a contingency basis, and if they're unlikely to collect, they may refuse to get involved.

And regarding insurance, can you survive without your spouse or business partner? Do you have enough cash to cover the bills if you can't work? Have you reviewed all of the risks you're currently taking to determine if you want to accept that risk or transfer it to someone else? These are very important questions that need to be answered if you really want to protect your assets.

How you choose to structure your estate and business activities will have a significant impact on your overall financial success. The better you plan and execute, the more you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your work.

Financial Guidelines In Buying A Real Estate

Are you thinking about buying a new house? Have you always dreamt of owning your own home? Are you financially prepared to buy a real estate? When you own your home, it is always an advantage. What you do on the other hand though is that you force yourself to earn extra every month to pay amortization rates, and to ensure that you get you pay off your home as soon as possible.

Once you are able to pay for real estate, is it important not to make mistakes because buying a new home is the biggest expense yet. The process of buying a new home is extremely complicated and it requires thorough planning. The following below are tested guidelines in buying a real estate.

No Major Purchases

Being ambitious is innate in every person. The tendency to make multiple purchases is so tempting. When you are considering buying a new home, do not make major purchases. Some couples often get into a mistake of buying a car and at the same time getting into a real estate deal. Major purchases would often get you into a debt of any kind. First things first! If you can still manage with the old car, buy the home first.

Compare Value

Don't be impatient or impulsive as your dream and future finances are at stake. Look around first and manage your impulse. Do not get carried away and fell in love with the first home you've checked out. You might get easily confused as your dream and excitement mixes. Set your standards for your dream home and compare at least three (3) prospective houses.

Don't Transfer Funds

In getting your desire real estate, there will be an investigation on your financial status. A real estate examiner checks on a potential buyer's bank statements and funds. A buyer will be asked to present financial records covering 2-3 months. Transferring money can possibly involved cancelled checks, deposits, withdrawals, and other financial data. All of this information will make documenting difficult for the buyer and the lender. Also, it is most recommended not to change banks.

Do Not Shift Careers

You may be earning on a salary basis, commission basis or through self-employment, it is imperative to stick to your current job or employer when you are in the process of applying for a real estate loan. It does not make sense to change jobs because it does not ensure a secure financial earnings in the future. In changing jobs, potential bonuses will be missed and there will be no basis in computing for an average financial earnings. The reason behind is that, there will be no basis for the buyer's past earnings and if it will be definite for one to produce the same amount of earnings in the future. Once loan officers find themselves in this situation, it can possibly create a negative impact to a buyer's loan application in buying a real estate property.

Get some advisers

Advisers will help you make the right decision. Speak to your lender, a real estate agent, a lawyer to make sure the legal process is being handled correctly and a property inspector to help you not to buy a home that will fall apart in 6 months time. There are trusted realtors like Scottsdale Real Estate who can help you find your dream home. You will not be wasting a lot of time, money and effort when you consult reputed builders because Scottsdale Homes can provide you concrete data.

Easy Cash and Interesting work through automated Forex trade!

A lot of people have the desire to earn extra cash in hard economic times, such as these. Many such people, who are able to earn those two bits of extra cash, desire to invest their extra in such a way that the risks associated are minimum, and the money invested keeps multiplying. This is when and where a lot of people look towards automated Forex trading, also known as an expert advisor. The thing to remember with Forex trading is that there always are risks and that is why the money being invested, no matter how big or how small, should only be invested if you have the proper trading education or if you know how to use your expert advisor.

Automated Forex trading has taken the world by the storm. It has provided a platform for people to trade 24 x 7 and that too in varied time zones; and because the whole market is virtual and all the trading is done with the help of technology, money matters are not delayed any bit! There are even options in this market to invest money, capitalize from it (make a profit) and then keep reinvesting the profit that you keep earning. Such a feat can also be easily achieved by using an expert advisor Forex robot, which can be pre-programmed to keep investing all the profits.

The only matter of grave concern with any forms of Forex trade, whether done while sitting in the stock market or done using automated methods, is to do trade if you have the proper trading education or know how to use your expert advisor, because using your knowledge and automated trading system you will know how the market will perform on a particular day and how it will not. Such automated systems know the way the market works and can predict ways the market will move. Of course, the same are not guaranteed, but then the systems algorithms invariably their predictions do turn out right, and even if we take them on an 80% positive and 20% negative prediction, it is still fair. A lot of the successful traders also make use of automated Forex trading systems and just cannot get enough of the same. The frequency of Manual trade, done over the phone and such means, is decreasing day by day, and more and more traders are now going in for automated trading systems. These systems allow for the investment of varied amounts and profits can be reinvested.
The best part of the automated system is that it requires very little investment and with minimum investments, Automated Forex Trading it maximizes returns because you can actually keep track of every item to trade on and every item keeps coming up on your screen and all that you need to run an automated trading solution for yourself and your investments, is a high speed internet connection, a telephone, and a good speedy computer! And last but not the least, a single computer and multiple screens also help you take advantage of multiple trading accounts, possibly on multiple platforms, especially if you are using an expert advisor Forex robot to trade on multiple accounts for you!
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Technical Analysis Share Trading Software

Making money through trading stocks and shares is a fantastic way to earn a living or at least to earn some money to supplement your income. Playing the stock market allows you to be comfortable at home while earning huge amounts of money simply by buying and selling things at the right time. There is of course an element of luck as the possibility exists for stocks and shares to suddenly rise or fall in price, but underneath this apparent risk is actually a very predictable set of rules and trends and if you know how to spot the right signs then you can be confident that you will get it right more often than you get it wrong.

In other words then, if you can correctly predict the movements of shares and stocks, and if you can time your purchases right, then you are almost guaranteed to make large amounts of profit and you won't have to lift a finger (except to hit the left click...). And amazingly software exists to help you do this – technical analysis share trading software that can analyse the stock markets to help guide you through them. This means that even a beginner can start making money with stocks and shares and it makes it surprising that more people aren't already doing it.

Traders in the stock market will generally use a lot of other tools such as paper and computer charts to help them predict and manage stocks and their portfolio. However it is technical analysis software that really provides a deeper understanding of stocks and shares through the use of many different functions.

Charting is one of the main uses for this kind of software. Here traders use graphical interfaces to help them monitor the progress of just one stock or a spread of stocks. These can create very simple visual diagrams of how the stocks are performing such as bar charts or line graphs and this enables the user to predict where the stock will go next based on where it has been. This charting can demonstrate stocks over a period of a day, or spanning months or even years which is highly useful for long term traders.

Another useful application of technical analysis software is scanning. This allows you to scan the market and thus to find those stocks that show signs of being oversold, or for other red flags or stats of interest. This allows the user to much more quickly find good stocks and to avoid those that they shouldn't touch. Other uses of the software are to set alarms, so that if a stock that's being monitored should rise or fall past a user-defined value, the investor will be made aware of that on the screen or even via an e-mail notification. This would then allow them to buy or sell the stock at the touch of a button from the comfort of their home and to thus turn over a profit.

In these ways this software makes an individual much more accurate at trading and takes away a lot of the hard work. The whole process becomes more streamlined and the investor earns more as a result.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to deal with a bad credit score to obtain a good credit rating?

Make certain that you may have reviewed all of the terms and clauses incorporated from the unsecured debt consolidation financial loan ahead of signing to the dotted line. For example, it is best to review the personal loan length, the interest rate, whether there is often a prepayment penalty, and these types of phrases as variable fee, fixed fee and balloon repayment. But if your consolidation bank loan applies to present credit card, you should determine no matter if your cards have to be surrendered to acquire the personal loan, and whether or not the balances are transferred to a brand new card, paid away, or regardless of whether you receive the money and ought to do the payoffs yourself.

The benefit for obtaining a unsecured debt consolidation mortgage is primarily to lower your expenses, but there are other advantages for individuals who lower numerous money owed to a single payment month to month. You may probably get monetary savings on the rate of interest, especially if consolidating the unsecured debt suggests you may attain a lower price. Yet another advantage is the advantage of the sole settlement having a normal because of go out with. You do not ought to spend considerably time paying bills. Just set up an automated settlement and your bill having to pay is la minor part of one's month to month duties. This kind of common prompt settlement will make your credit profile seem superior and much better

For every one of the added benefits that a unsecured debt consolidation loan can present a person, you can find numerous drawbacks that you choose to must be aware of earlier than picking out to borrow added dollars to solve your personal debt difficulties. If that you are employing this kind of personal loan to bail you out from maxed out bank cards, you need to absolutely look at transforming your spending habits in conjunction while using mortgage, or you can speedily end up in much more issues with greater debts. Contemplate finding rid of all of your credit cards and switch to a single debit card. Don't justify constant overspending as an unexpected emergency. Create a funds and stick to it.

Evidently discovering the very best offer could be logical, but quite a few individuals wanting for a financial debt consolidation loan take the initial provide which they see and run with it. Usually, obtained they seemed additional, they'd are already able to acquire greater terms, greater interest rate as well as other accouterments of your mortgage loan. Consider the time for you to review various loans and make sure to request inquiries about every from the variables that have an impact on the amount of the regular monthly settlement. You will not want to maintain applying and applying, as this could negatively have an impact on your credit score score, producing the phrases a smaller amount desirable each time.

The primary element of the financial debt consolidation mortgage in most instances could be the rate of interest you might be charged through the duration of the financial loan period of time. Generally the pace of curiosity which the borrower is assessed depends within the credit profile in the borrower. Credit history scores larger than 700 allow it to be less complicated to acquire the financial loan and typically indicates the phrases from the mortgage are much more favorable towards the shopper.

Bad Credit Loans no Credit Check - Enhance your Unpleasant Credit Background

Many a times, it becomes an intricate circumstance for you to look out for a fiscal help especially when you have been tarnished with an unpleasant credit profile. As a result, if you have been going through the equivalent segment of existence, then, at such instances, bad credit loans no credit check could be the ultimate finance for your rescue wherein you can also enhance your unpleasant credit background in an efficient manner.

With the ease of these finances, one can make ends meet for any of his wide ranging purposes. They include debt consolidation bills, for habitat redecoration bills, for paying grave installment bills, for wedding ceremony expenses, for purchasing a novel dwelling, and so forth.

The name bad credit loans no credit check itself explains that these services are endowed to the recipients and are intended for the individuals who are enduring though the appalling credit records and cannot apply for a finance. These schemes are of the secured and the unsecured in nature.

Since the unsecured finance is granted to the applicants sans of the collateral, the candidates may have to undergo through the shortcoming of towering interest rates as well. Therefore, these schemes can also be acquired by the secured form wherein the person is obliged to place collateral against the standard amount. Simultaneously, he may also have the gain of low interest rates.

Bad credit loans no credit check are given to the individuals in a exaggerate free manner. This simply means that these finances are liberated from the pester of paperworks and documents. As a result, one can also apply for this service, by filling the online form by the comfort of home. Once the form is filled, the lender then scrutinizes the form after which the funds are relocated into the checking account.

How Article Submission Service Helps Your Business

If you're wondering whether you should sign up with an article submission service, this article is for you. Read on to learn exactly what article marketing is, and what benefits it can offer you.

E-commerce has none of the disadvantages of physical businesses, since it requires no real estate for a shop, and carries no expensive lease. So a website can be a great source of revenue, but only if managed properly.

The most important factor for generating revenue, whether through ads or product sales, is the number of visitors. More importantly, it's the number of visitors that are already interested in your site, rather than random visitors who may just "bounce" out.

The more the targeted visitors, the more the potential ad clicks or sales. And the best way to get targeted traffic is through a search engine, since visitors already know what to expect as they're looking for something specific.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your site's search ranking. This is done by improving the content on your site, as well as providing useful incoming links embedded in relevant content. This is what a good article marketing service can do for your site.

They can write well-researched, informative articles that readers will find useful. These are written exclusively for your site, and when approved by you, the article submission process of publishing them on the best internet directories, begins.

Virtually all SEO services offer some sort of article submission service as part of their product range. However, not all SEO companies operate ethically. Some use unethical methods such as spam pages, duplicate domains and plagiarized content.

Search engines can automatically detect such techniques, and will invariably penalize your site by dropping its rank or even banning it. This is why it is important to make sure your article submission service writes only original content, and submits only to quality directories.

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