Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Setting Up your Goals Before Starting Seo on your Website

By : stefano sandano
The goal of anyone who owns a website is for their website to show up in the top ten placements of every search engine, every time someone searches on key words that are relevant to their business. When you consider that there are millions of websites that exist, not to mention the numbers of
internal pages that each contains, we are talking about millions and millions of possible web pages. With all these existing web pages it is a marvel how the search engines succeed in satisfying our queries.
An alternative way to locate websites other than search engines are directories. Online directories
are like the telephone book's "yellow pages" of the Internet. A directory is a collection of website links organized into categories and subcategories. The user must browse through the categories to find what they are looking for. Online directories work well but require millions of "man hours"
to create and maintain. For various reasons, small- and medium-sized businesses were late in embracing the Internet and in developing their own websites. As a result, much of the top search engine placement was left to the "big boys" and other first comers who build websites. Those forward-thinking website
pioneers understood that search engine and directory placement were crucial in order to get visitors to their websites. For many of us using the Internet in the early years, search engines or directory look-ups were often the only places where they could find websites to visit.

Websites that were developed early, and registered with the search engines and directories, had a huge advantage. As time progressed, these websites often were displayed in the top listings of the search engines. Even if these websites didn't come up high in the placements of the search engines when they were created, most of them managed to edge up closer to the top over the years as other websites and businesses ceased to exist. This has made it even more difficult for new websites to get into the top placement of search engines without spending a lot of money to do so.

In order to build a solid foundation for your website marketing plan, you need to be clear on the fundamentals of your business. No one wants to waste
time and money attempting to market in areas that do not target potential clients The very first thing you need to be clear on is: knowing exactly what business are you in. Ask yourself this question:What business am I in? The answer you give will most often be the same kind of answer you have given over and over in the past. It is the answer that defines the process you use to make money. For example, perhaps you sell groceries, bicycles, shoes or accounting services. Now think for a moment what you do, from the customer's point of view. This may be difficult so here are some examples:If you sell groceries, you are in the nutrition business because that is what customers are buying. If you sell bicycles, you are either in the transportation or the recreation business because these are the reasons people buy bicycles.

Every business is looking for long-term, reliable, dependable income. It may be seasonal, or periodic, but it must be sustainable.
Evaluating your business goals weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually is highly recommendable. This will give you consistent information you can follow, and allow you to make any adjustments along the way that you may need to ensure success. There are a various methods used for setting and measuring goals. Setting and measuring financial goals are important because it can reveal many aspects of your business, such as your productivity and profitability

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