Monday, October 29, 2007


One of the most difficult things you can do today is to get traffic to a website. Many webmasters struggle with this because they concentrate only on one thing, that being search engine optimization.

I wouldn't lie about telling your search engine optimization is one of the most crucial things you can do for your online business, but there are so many other sources of website traffic on the Internet that many webmasters try to rule everything and still so?

Let's look at this one for example, article marketing. Article marketing is an amazing way to drive traffic to a website. You basically write an article, submit it to an article directory and *bang* you get traffic to your website. But there is a drawback to article marketing. It's the "type" of traffic. The "type" of traffic represents the type of user that visit your website. Lets look at this for example. Website visitors that comes from MSN search engine is more likely to purchase a product than any other web visitor coming from Google. It's because the MSN users are more consumer-based. This same exact type of theory goes for article marketing. Article marketing drives certain types of traffic. People that use article directories for their online searches, are very judge mental. They go to article directories to find more information about a certain part or service. Many times they will not click through the link in the biobox available at the bottom. After they got what they wanted from the article they go to Google or MSN or Yahoo and type it in there. Now your competitor is making the money. So what am I trying to say? Well, basically it's important to optimize your website in such a way that you rank well for certain key words in the search engines. But it's not that easy. You have to know your competition as well. And this is one of the most difficult things a webmaster can do. Analyzing a competitor is a massive task, and normally it gets outsourced to different companies. But what if there are softwares that can actually help you analyze search engine competitors?

This is possible and there are many software's out there today that can actually do this for you in record time. But the problem with many of these software is that they are very outdated. There are only a handful of software products today that can actually compete in the search engine optimization industry. When I say a handful I mean, less than five fingers. Two of these softwares stand out in the crowd.

The one is called SEO Elite and the other one is called IBP (Internet Business Promoter). These two softwares have massive attention from the media. To successfully promote your website or any online business it's important that you utilize the power of such softwares to create traffic for your website for long-term profit. Without using powerhouse tools like these you will be left in the dark and your competitors will cash in on a daily basis while you sit back and lose money

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