Sunday, December 16, 2007


Speaking of time management, here is the fact that happening in the Internet business industry. If you're a newbie and just get into this type of business, most likely, you will sign up and jump into many newsletters. You may think that by doing this will speed up you making money process, or to achieve your dream of make money from Internet faster, you have strong passion with high enthusiasm and you want to learn everything at once.
Sooner or later, you find yourself become overwhelmed to the point that you don't know where to start, then you become frustrated, and finally you either give up, or keep looking, but you are extremely confused with all those information and product offers that delivered to your email inbox.
If you are already in the Internet business for sometime, or if you are an Internet business expert, still, you will run into those times of being overwhelmed especially if you jump from one idea to another without completing anyone of them. From my own experience, I understand and know that - get into the Internet business is an addiction.
Honestly speaking, I do have that problem! I believe out of there, many people that have an Internet business are facing the same problem as I do - being overwhelmed to the point that what could take you a few hours to do ends up dragging you into a few days, a few weeks or even a few months.
So if you don't have a regular plan of action or a system that you can use to get your projects done, then you need one.
I found that one thing keeps me away from completing projects, products, or things that I need to get done are the distractions; it caused me sometime get into inefficiency time management.
After experienced those unproductive nightmare, finally I found some tips that helps me reduce the amount of time, which normally will take me 3-4 days to finish a project, and now takes me only a few hours or a day to complete.
Those tips works mainly if you are working on your computer, for some people, it may can makes them feel a little bit pressure.
Whether you have a desktop or a laptop, here are the ways you can follow; it works for me; so I hope it works for you too.
When you working on your laptop, don't use electrical plug, because your laptop has battery and it will run out in an hour, or two or three, how long the battery will last is depends on its age. Because you don't have the electrical plug with you, so it will force you be concentrated and get things done as quickly as you can before the battery run out. However, don't forget to save your work often.
If you use electrical plug, on the other hand, you will not have that kind of urgency feeling and you will just drag the things around, since you don't have that much time to searching around your database and think about what kind of content should includes into your project, and how to put them all together, so you can finish the work within little time.
The other way you can use is bring your laptop to the other room or somewhere else where do not have Internet connection and work on your things. If you connect it to the Internet, for sure you will get many distractions and you will unable to put your 100 percent focus into the project. If you have a big desktop, then just unplug your internet, lock your door and turn off your music.
There has a good solution for desktop user, called ecounter, which is free. This program allows you to set the time up as you wish. If you determine to finish a writing project within 20 minutes, then set up your target time, and then you must finish your writing before the clock runs out otherwise it will shut down if you tell it to put your computer into hibernation.
Shut computer down perhaps makes you feel bit harsh, but it is the best way to go because you know it'll turn off, so you have to finish the work within the time, the program will not let you have chance to add more time to the clock.
As I mentioned on above - those tips may make some people feel pressure when they apply to use it, but they are really works. You may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, or feel under lots of pressure, but once you start, you will find those are the really good tips to help you finish your work in a super fast way.
Every time when I use this above methods for my writing project, what used to take me days to brainstorm and all can now take me a few hours, it gives me more time to live my life or spend time on other projects.
So there you go - better time management tips from your Internet business friend

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