Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Getting potential customers to visit your website is crucial to your online success. Let's face it, without some traffic you will fail in any online venture.

Traffic generation can be difficult, particularly for new internet marketers. Still website traffic generation is an indispensable element to any internet business plan, and requires you to approach the problem in numerous elements, tying all of the pieces together to form a traffic plan.

Initially, the most common traffic generation methods rely on advertising through free sites, or pay per click advertising. Your site could be waiting months to get listed in the major engines hoping for a trickle of traffic from them. Yet there are a few effective alternatives to these methods.

A traffic plan will help insure the stability and longevity of your business. There is no best method for approaching the traffic problem. Once that understood, the best method of traffic generation is to use every method at your disposal.

Very few websites generate traffic from search engines quickly. There are exceptions to this is, it is possible to get targeted search traffic through focused link building with high ranking, high traffic sites. The engines can give you more traffic, but your traffic generation techniques should not depend or revolve around them.

Social networking is an excellent way to generate free targeted traffic. A popular blog or forum is a good place to start, they are easy to find and in most cases free to join. The topics on these sites tends to be very specific, thus generating tightly focused traffic.

Posting should be done carefully, respect the members of the group and don't spam the site. If you break the rules of the site not only will you be kicked off but you may be labeled a a spammer. The best place to get a structured keyword based text link in your post would be in your signature file. This technique will help get your site indexed quickly.

Remember, forums and blogs are a focused audience. As you become acquainted with the other members of the forum, blog, or social network you can get a plug occasionally. Don't blatantly promote, offer a suggestion or ask for an opinion.

Now for a little utilized traffic conversion strategy. The prevailing belief is that site traffic determines the conversion rate of a website. This statement is incorrect, the statement should read, the amount of traffic to your site has little to do with your conversion rate.

Lets do a little quick analysis on that statement, you've specialize by selling a very nice green bobble headed what knot. On one hand you have five hundred searching per month for "what knots", the main search engine has three million websites competing for those searchers and if you are fortunate enough to place well in the results, and get the clicks, you might convert a few, but most appear to want the flavor of the day "silver twitching tongue what knots". On the other hand, fifty people per month search for "green bobble headed what knots", the results reveal twenty-five sites competing for the phrase, with a little optimization you easily place atop the results for your main keyword phrase, "green bobble headed what knots".

Whom do you feel is worth more to your business? Five hundred visitors searching vague terms or fifty searching specifically for the item you offer. Whom do you believe is ready to make a purchase? Where do you focus?

In conclusion:

The key to any traffic plan is focus! You want those fifty visitors, credit card in hand who want what you have to offer. Don't misunderstand, you would certainly entertain the five hundred, might even convert a few, might not. It would not be in your best interest to focus your time and effort on those five hundred though would it.

You would be best served by devoting your efforts on the fifty people per month who desire your product. This is accomplished by focusing your ads, link building, and site design around those people. Use very descriptive text, and highly focused descriptive long tail keyword phrases. It will help you rank quickly and well in the search results. Make use of keyword specific signature text links in your social marketing posts. Your pay per click results will cost less in the major engines, your click through and conversion rate will be much higher.

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