Sunday, November 11, 2007


Surprisingly, not all web owners know the evolving fact about how search engines greatly impact the traffic that is being generated by a site. Unknown to many, search engines have an indirect manipulation and control over how much traffic is being obtained by a site. Due to this, so much traffic is lost and remains unused. For this reason, webmaster and web owners alike should be properly educated about how impacting and useful search engines are and how they can potentially create traffic for their sites. I have cited below some of the search engine traffic tips and techniques that you can use:

a. You can go by writing and submitting articles to some of the popular web article directories. Of course, the catch in here is that, when you submit these articles on the article directories, you will need to include your site address either on the body of the article using anchor text or in the resource box so that potential visitors will be directed to your site. To convince readers to click on these links, you must be able to entice them through the quality of the submitted articles.

b. Develop a well-made RSS feeds. The RSS or rich site summary to many is way of letting people know instantly about any updates and present activities that your web site is having. Thru the feeds where a visitor is subscribed to, he would be informed on a regular basis on the most recent activities that your web site is undertaking. Just make sure that you create a well-drafted RSS feeds to attract more potential subscribers.

c. You can submit your web site to some of the credible website directories and allow for it to gain exposure. The use of the website directories will help you be at par if not exceedingly popular with some other sites because you are all given equal opportunities to be seen and viewed by potential visitors

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