Tuesday, August 7, 2007


E-gold setup
and funding

Step 1: Go to E-gold
and click on "Create An Account"

Accept the User Agreement by clicking on the "I Agree" Button.

Step 2: Fill in the needed contact details and information. Most important is
the “Passphrase”. Use the “SRK Console”- button to open
up a secure virtual keyboard and enter it with your mouse (prevents keyloggers
and trojans from logging your typing on the keyboard).

Always use the SRK console when you log in to your E-gold account. It may be
time-consuming, but trust me, it’s worth it. Especially if you have high
weights of gold in there.

Your E-gold number will be sent to the email adress you have specified. Remember,
E-gold never ever asks for your passphrase. If you recieve emails from what
seems to be egold claiming they need your login information for some reason,
delete it! It’s not from E-gold.

Funding your E-gold

Now when you have
your account set up, you have to fund your account with gold in order to be
able to make payments. To do this you need to use an Exchange Service which
will convert your money into E-gold.

We recommend the following two Exchange Services:




Both charge around
3-5% for trading in dollars trough a wire transfer. If you rather like to use
your credit card you should be prepared to pay higher fees. Another option is
to convert e-currencies like EVOcash, netpay and paypal into E-gold.

Good luck!

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