Monday, August 20, 2007

How To Prevent Getting Scammed

Step One:

Use the following Whois Lookup sites to find out the Web Owner details information:

Lookup IP Address

Lookup Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Lookup IP Address belongs to (Organization)

Lookup Country

Lookup Continent

Lookup State

Lookup City

Lookup Latitude

Lookup Longitude

Lookup Timezone

Lookup Registrant (website registered address, person contacts & etc.)

Step Two:

Before participate the Web Program, review Web Owner Site’s operation
location, and ascertain you fill comfortable with the Web Site. In any event
of defaulted by the Web Owner, you can locate them & have them report to
Internet Fraud Authority.

Step Three:

Search Internet Service Provider (ISP), and IP Address belongs to (Organization)
email contact and record down. In any event of defaulted by Web Owner, you can
file a complaint and has Scammer Site report to the ISP against them for abuse
of Internet Fraud (obtained an information here is good enough to put Web Site
liar in hot soup. With this power tool you can force the Scammer close up his
Web Site or shutdown by ISP neither.)

Step Four:

If you got deceived, submit full details of the Web Site details information
(refer to step one) with your e-payment confirmation and file a complaint email
to the followings to alert the relevant authorities of the Internet Fraud:

1. Internet Fraud

2. International Web Police:

3. ISP Provider; abuse@........ (refer to Step One, search the abuse email contact
of ISP Provider /and IP Address belongs to…and complaint of web site Network

4. Locate authority (refer to web Registrant station address, search on Internet
to locate of country authority; such as “address/state police” or
“(country) government authority”.

5. E-gold Service & CC to Web Site Owner.

The Authority information
sites for 1, 2 & 3 are:

Lastly to say;
an investor should take note on Web Site’s ISP registered at un-privileged
country, in any event of cheated you can address your problem to the locate
authority /or police station to expose the cheater web site. If possible put
on forum page to draw attention to other investor help to obtain email contact
of the locate police authority, Get

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